The History of Women at Virginia Tech digital timeline project is a collaborative effort to showcase women’s history at this university through archival documents, photographs, interviews, and more. The project team has worked since 2015 to conduct research, gather documents and artifacts, and collect oral histories. This digital exhibit is in progress and new content is being added all the time. Please visit regularly.

If you have materials that you wish to donate to the project, or wish to edit or add to information currently posted, please contact Anna LoMascolo (alomasco@vt.edu) and/or Kira Dietz (kadietz@vt.edu). If you have materials you believe may be appropriate for Special Collections and/or University Archives relating to the history of women at Virginia Tech (either as part of this project or separate from it), we encourage you to contact us, as well.

The project team thanks all who have contributed time, ideas, and materials to this project, including Kira Dietz, Pat Hyer, Anna LoMascolo, David Cline, Linda Plaut, Clara Cox, Jeff Flanagan, Aldora Green, Faith Skiles, Jessie Meltsner, Caroline Alphin, Peter Wallenstein, and Katy Powell.

This site is hosted by the University Libraries and represents a partnership between Special Collections, the Women's Center, and individuals from the campus community. It is built using Omeka and TimelineJS


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