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Ida Powell graduated from Virginia Tech in 1958 with a bachelor's degree in home economics. In this hour-long interview, Powell discusses her experience as a female student attending Virginia Tech's campus in the 1950s as well as her humanitarian…

In 1959, Patricia Ann Miller was the first woman to receive a commission at VPI. Each semester, she enrolled in Corps classes, but was denied. She eventually applied for a commission from the Army Women's Medical Specialist Corps and was commissioned…

Jean Harshburger was the first women elected class president, by the class of 1974. In this photograph, Harshburger is pictured with then Representative William C. Wamper.

These photos offer a glimpse of what campus looked like in the first years that women students were admitted.

In 2015, Special Collections was asked to bring a display of materials to the Virginia Tech Women's Weekend. As part of the display, two archivists on staff created a slideshow of women's "firsts" on campus, including images and facts.
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